Jun 1, 2023

Icelandic Student Innovation Fund: The use of drawings within the Red Stocking Movement

This summer Karólína Rós Ólafsdóttir, poet, author and academic, and Boaz Yosef Friedman, visual artist will be diving into the archives of Kvennasögusafn (The Women's History Archive) located within the National and the University Library of Iceland. They will be looking at how Rauðsokkahreyfingin (the Redstockings Movement) used drawings in their publications and editorial work and explore the medium's intersection within their political movement. With the guidance of Rakel Adolphsdóttir, program director of Kvennasögusafn, this project will result in a public online database of images, textual analysis, interviews, and a showcase box at Landsbókasafn this autumn.

Karólína and Boaz are founders of the Icelandic Drawing Center. They will be sharing photos of project‘s development as well as fun findings in the archives of Kvennasögusafn. The project is funded by The Icelandic Student Innovation Fund RannÍs.