Jun 22, 2021

Women's Rights Day - June 19th

In Iceland we celebrate the Women's Rights Day on June 19th and have since it was signed into law by our king on that day in 1915 that women 40 years and older could vote and run in national elections. You can read a detailed analysis of women's suffrage in Iceland on our website

On this day in 2021 our Project Manager, Rakel Adolphsdóttir, spoke to Felix Bergsson on a radio programme at RÚV (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service) about the importance on the day, the difference between June 19th and October 24th (the Women's Day Off) and in general about the Women's History Archives at the National and University Library. You can listen to the conversation in Icelandic on RÚV's website, it starts on minute 01:54:00

The image is from a tape kept as part of the Women's Rights Associations Collection [ref: KSS 6]