Sep 18, 2020

Digital Catalogues

Our new website opened this summer and as of yet there are 179 digital catalogues from private people or entities accessible in Icelandic. A complete list can be viewed here.

Among the private collections now accessible is the one of Þorbjörg Björnsdóttir (1919–1987) that contains a single diary from when she was nineteen years old and living for the summer in Germany. She describes how on April 29 she went for a drink with her friend in Köln and then the next day she saw Hitler drive by twice.

The Women’s History Archives is happy to receive private collections from individuals, especially diaries from teenagers! Please contact us if you would like to donate material.


Photo by Arnheiður Steinþórsdóttir

To reference the diary: KSS 161. Þorbjörg Björnsdóttir.