Facts and Trivia

A selection of facts and trivia about diverse matters in the history of women in Iceland. 

In English here below you can read on Women's Suffrage in Iceland, fragments of women's history in Iceland, on Bríet Bjarnhéðinsdóttir the leading suffragette in early 20th century, on Ingibjörg H. Bjarnason the first woman in parliament, information about the first women's day off in 1975 and take a walking tour on Women's History in Reykjavík.

In Icelandic you can find Questions&Answers were we list the answers to various questions sent from members of the public to The Women's History Archives over the years. There you can also find a chronological list over milestones in the history of women in Iceland, a list of Icelandic women who have finished a ph.d., a list of unions and associations of women, as well as a pamphlet with a women's history guide through Reykjavik, made by the Women's History Archives in 2002. You can also read about diverse matters related to women's history, from the international women's day of 8th of March to the first beauty contest in Iceland in 1930.