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Women's History Archives

Women's History Archives are the repository of a large number of varied sources on the history of women such as:

* Women's private papers, e.g. letters and diaries.
* Plays, poems and stories by women.
* Minutes of meetings, letters and other papers from Icelandic women's associations.
* Newspaper clippings about the history of women, gender research, the struggle for equal rights, interviews with women.

The mission of the archives is to collect, register and preserve records of the history of Icelandic women, past and present. The archives act as a centre for the dissemination of information the history of Icelandic women, helps find sources in this area, and encourages research on women's concerns.  Though most of our material is in Icelandic, we are glad to help interested persons find material in other languages and to help with translation as necessary.

Women's History Archives are located in the National and University Library and are open Mon-Fri. It is recommended to book an appointment via phone or email.

Women's History Archives
Arngrimsgata 3
107 Reykjavík

Tel. (+354) 525 5779