The Archives

The documents of The Women's History Archives are open to the public.

You can request documents in advance by telephone and email, or ask directly at the office of The Women's History Archives. Once the documents have been requested they can be accessed at the desk of the Icelandic National Collection, located on the first floor of National Library Main Building (Þjóðarbókhlaða). Documents can only be used in the reading room of the Icelandic National Collection. Their opening hours are advertised here.

Guests must be careful around the documents. Pens are not allowed in the reading room and it is strictly forbidden to write in the originals or mark them in any way, which includes post-it notes and stickers. The documents should not be rearranged from their original order in the box. When guests need to look at more than one box of files, only one of them should be open at a time, to prevent confusion. If an archive is open, it‘s usually possible to photograph the documents, but please ask permission first.

The Women's History Archives preserves over 200 private archives. Most of them are open and without any access restrictions. An overview of the contents of most of them can be viewed on this website. Our collection is also being logged into the national database of private archives in Iceland